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Quality Policy
QA / QC Policy

Quality breeds Quality is the concept of making Quality Plan for Procurement, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of Equipment. The quality of the equipment will be ensured by having regular quality check points at all stages as per detailed quality Plan.

  • Quality at Supplier Works.
  • Quality at Inward Inspection.
  • In-Process Inspection.
  • Quality checks for Tube to tube sheet joints.
  • Final Hydrostatic test.
  • All critical materials like Tube Sheets, Tubes, Dished Ends, Forgings, BQ Plates etc., will be procured from Approved Vendors.
  • Materials will be procured as per Project Specification and Code requirements.
  • Critical materials will be procured under a reputed third party inspection such as BVIL/IIS/TUV (depending on customer requirement) or by deputing our own QC engineer for inspection at supplier works as per approved QAP.
  • Welding shall be carried out in accordance with established WPS & PQR as per ASME SEC IX.
  • IS 10987-1992( Reaffirmed 2003),
Quality Policy
Quality Policy